Fall/Spring 2021-2022 – Friends and Family Sale

SchoolHouse Consultants is offering a $50 deduction on your next
graduate class. Wait… what did you say? Yes, all you need is to refer a
friend, colleague or family member to us. Here’s how it works.

  1. You will need to fill out the registration form, provide payment and
    complete the course. Also, let us know the name of the person you are
  2. The person you refer, provides your name, and will need to complete
    both the registration and the course.
  3. Cost to you for your referral will be $330 (instead of $380). Please
    only one discount per class.

Applies to fall/spring 2021-2022 courses only.

Fall 2021 Semester

Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking
Educating with Contingency Management Methods
Assessments for Success
Keep Your Wits About You
Principles of Classroom Success

Spring 2022 Semester

Understanding Mistaken Goals of Behavior
The Use of Story in the Classroom
Unscramble the Teaching Puzzle
Resolution Skills and Strategies
Stress Management for Teachers
Perceptions, Attitudes and Learning